Iceblock is PSAN

Iceblock is now a registered digital asset service provider in France

We are pleased to announce that Iceblock has obtained registration as a Digital Asset Service Provider (PSAN - E2023-99) with the Financial Markets Authority (AMF), with the agreement of the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR).

This milestone makes Iceblock the first PSAN cryptocurrency portfolio management solution in Europe and demonstrates our commitment to carrying out our activity while ensuring compliance with the various regulations in force. The AMF regulates and protects French financial markets and ensures that investors are aware and trained in the markets.

The ACPR is an independent supervisory authority for banks and insurance companies in France. With the agreement and under the supervision of the AMF and the ACPR, this registration as a PSAN will allow Iceblock to fully carry out its activities in France.

Compliance and regulation are decisive factors for the success of the sector cryptocurrency and blockchain. Over the years, Iceblock has taken various steps to ensure compliance, including developing a strong compliance team. We are pleased that our efforts have paid off and that we are meeting the strict French compliance standards that have enabled us to obtain successfully completed the PSAN registration. We are grateful to the AMF and the ACPR for their willingness to innovate and the help they provided in guiding Iceblock through the registration process. Since day one, Iceblock has always put its users first, offering them effective strategies to invest long-term in the cryptocurrency market in a highly secure manner.

What next?

Iceblock will significantly develop its activity in France to make cryptocurrencies and our services accessible to all. In line with our mission to be an infrastructure service provider for the blockchain ecosystem, we intend to expand our team to continue infrastructure development.

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