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The information contained on the www.ice-block.net website is strictly informative and does not imply any legal commitment or contractual agreement on the part of Iceblock, which reserves the right to modify its characteristics.

Access to the products and services on the Website may be restricted for certain persons or in certain countries. None of the products and/or services will be provided by Iceblock to a person if the law of his or her country of origin or of any other country which would concern him or her prohibits it. However, it is the responsibility of any interested person to check beforehand with his usual advisers that his legal and fiscal status allows him to subscribe to the products and/or services presented on the website.


You are currently connected to the website www.ice-block.net which is published by the company Iceblock.

  • Trade name: Iceblock
  • Company name: Iceblock SAS
  • Legal representative: Alexis Abric
  • SAS with a capital of: 1000 euros
  • RCS: 902 774 728 RCS
  • Head office: 19 rue de la Sablière, 75014 Paris France
  • Director of publication: Iceblock

Iceblock is committed to complying with all laws regarding the establishment and operation of a website. You can contact Iceblock's Customer Service directly by email: contact@ice-block.net


The personal data collected in the forms on this site are mainly processed and recorded by Iceblock for the following purposes: internal management, commercial animation and statistical studies, risk assessment, security and fraud prevention, fight against money laundering and terrorism financing, response to legal and regulatory obligations.

The personal data transmitted may, in the course of various operations, be transferred to a country within or outside the European Union.

In the event of a transfer to a country outside the European Union, rules have been put in place to ensure the protection and security of this data. Details of these rules and information relating to the transfer are available on the website or on request to Iceblock, 19 rue de la Sablière, 75014.

This personal data may be communicated, at their request, to official bodies and administrative or judicial authorities, particularly in the context of the fight against money laundering or the fight against the financing of terrorism.

For more information, please see Iceblock's privacy policy.


The creation of hyperlinks to the www.ice-block.net website is subject to the prior agreement of the Publication Director. Hyperlinks to other sites from www.ice-block.net shall not, under any circumstances, incur the liability of Iceblock.


The reproduction or representation, in whole or in part, of the pages, data and any other element of the site, by any process or medium whatsoever, is prohibited and constitutes an infringement without the authorisation of Iceblock.


The general economic, stock market or financial information contained on the www.ice-block.net website, which may be provided by third party contributors, is of a strictly informative nature and does not imply any contractual commitment on the part of Iceblock. Before subscribing to any products and/or services on the www.ice-block.net website, or any operation carried out on the basis of the information contained on the website, individuals must carry out their own analysis, particularly from a legal, tax and accounting point of view. Subject to compliance with its legal or regulatory obligations, Iceblock shall not be held responsible for the consequences, in particular the financial consequences, of such transactions. Any possible request for online subscription of a product or service offered by Iceblock implies the submission of the operation to the contractual and pricing conditions in force, as well as to French law.


Iceblock makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and updating of the information published on this site, the content of which it reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice. However, it cannot guarantee the completeness of the information or the absence of modification by a third party (intrusion, virus). In addition, Iceblock declines all responsibility in the event of difficulty or impossibility of accessing the site due to an Internet connection problem. Iceblock shall not be liable for any consequential damages such as, but not limited to, losses resulting from transactions based on the information on the Site, loss of profit, loss of business and losses resulting from interruption of service due to internet connection problems. Similarly, Iceblock cannot be held responsible for elements beyond its control and for any damage that may be caused by the technical environment of the users of this site, in particular computers, software, network equipment (modems, telephones, etc.) and any equipment used to access or use the service and/or the information.


Any information that may appear on this website is provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as a solicitation or investment advice or an offer to buy or sell any product or service. No liability is accepted by Iceblock for any direct or indirect loss arising from the use of this information. Any person wishing to purchase any of the services or products presented on this website is requested to contact Iceblock to enquire about the availability of the service or product in question and the contractual and pricing conditions applicable to it. The content of this website is for information purposes only. The information contained in this website does not constitute an offer to the public, a solicitation, an investment advice or a solicitation by Iceblock to the users of the website. Access to the information and products on this website may be restricted for certain persons or in certain countries other than France. None of the services or products are intended for a person if the law of his or her country of origin or of any other country which would concern him or her prohibits it: it is up to any person wishing to subscribe to products/services to check with his or her usual advisers that his or her legal and tax status allows him or her to subscribe to such products/services.


A secure area on the www.Iceblock.com website is reserved for anyone connecting to the site and guarantees the confidentiality and completeness of information. It is the responsibility of each Internet user to take all appropriate measures to protect their computer from contamination by viruses and other malicious programs circulating on the Internet. It is the responsibility of any person interested in the products and/or services presented on the website to check beforehand that their legal and fiscal status allows them to subscribe to them. Iceblock cannot be held responsible for elements beyond its control and for any damage that may be suffered by the user's terminal and, in particular, his computers, smartphones, tablets, software, network equipment and any other equipment used to access the www.Iceblock.com website and/or to use all the services offered by the website.


The director of the publication is the company Iceblock, represented by its president, Mr. Alexis Abric, in his capacity as President of the company Iceblock SAS. The site is hosted by Alphabet, whose headquarters are located at the Googleplex, Mountain View, United States.

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